The Ghosts of the Past (book two of the Peers of Beinan series) -- science fiction -- Laurel A. Rockefeller

Ghosts of the Past continues the Anlei's Legacy Arc as book two of the Peers of Beinan science fiction series for kindle at, in paperback, and in large print paperback for the visually impaired

Unlike its prequel, Ghosts of the Past is primarily a murder-mystery focusing on terrorism attacks centered on Beinarian healing centers across the planet.

Orphaned by these attacks is Lord Elendir of house Ten-Ar. The son of Lord Healer Devon and Lady Healer Keelia of house Ten-Ar who are lost in separate terrorist strikes when Elendir is a young boy, Elendir becomes a knight of Ten-Ar in hopes of finding peace. Shortly after his elevation to knighthood he approaches his best friend, the presumptive heir-apparent, Prince Kendric and secures from the prince a commission to investigate his father's death.

When the investigation is finally complete, Elendir tries to move on, but remains haunted in his heart until a "chance" encounter finally gives him the answers he needs.

In time, Elendir's son Corann, now entangled himself in the web of loss and pain, joins forces with his father to try to solve at last the full mystery and put an end to the bombings before all hope is lost and planet Beinan falls to the final revenge of their greatest foe.

Spanning four generations and over one thousand Earth years, Ghosts of the Past is a medieval epic adventure you will not want to miss!

Included data files:  Beinarians of the Ghosts of the Past; Music, Poetry, and Dance; and Glossary

Featured songs:  "I will Always Find You," and "Here Lays My Father and My Lord"

Parental guide: 

Language: no profanity 

Sex/nudity: mild 

Violence: non-graphic 

Adult situations: murder, terrorism, sexual violence

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