Treating Murder: Book One of the Veronica Lane, M.D. series

Treating Murder is FREE on Kindle on Amazon April 18-20

Treating Murder is about a brilliant physician caught in an impossible situation. Dr. Veronica Lane is accused of murdering someone, and feels overwhelming guilt for allowing the woman to die, and yet she has to prove that she is not the actual murderer. Dr. Lane is forced to turn the full power of her medical acumen toward defending herself and discovering the true killer.
Gabrielle Black has always loved writing and paying attention to the strange things that go on around herfor inspiration. For Treating Murder, she got it from work. 

When Gabrielle was in Family Practice residency, one of the attending physicians mentioned that he made jewelry as a hobby. Not the stringing beads from the hobby store kind, but actual plating and metalworking. Then he mentioned that the plating solution was controlled because of the dangerous chemicals in it.
She checked out what those chemicals could do to someone and discovered that the symptoms of poisoning were remarkably similar to those of a fairly common disease. Voila, the doctor finds herself trying to treat murder. And accused of that murder. See why you shouldn't be playing with hazardous chemicals?