THE LETTER - a supernatural mystery novel by Marianne Spitzer

Kellie and her five housemates thought their lives would be exciting once they moved into the Malone mansion. Her inheritance of the mansion and a vast fortune would make their lives easy. Little did they know that Kellie's grandfather was an evil businessman who did his best to take advantage of everyone he met. Did his evil live on after his death? Was it possible that evil enabled others to terrorize Kellie and her friends? Fear began to creep into their lives when inexplicable events begin to happen. Kellie wanted to plan her wedding with her friends. The evil she had to fight had other plans. Whenever she thought they had solved one mystery another would arise. A kidnapping is something everyone fears. For Kellie, it became a reality. Who were they? What did they want? Could she escape? Would she survive? THE LETTER will answer those questions and pull you into others. She relies on her friends for help and emotional support, but as her life begins to fill with fear, she begins to suspect everyone. When she discovers her deceased birth mother's spirit inhabits the house, she is both frightened and relieved. Could her mother help her? Also contains the supernatural mystery short story, Megan's Fear.