Time In sci-fi fiction 8 years+ by Tim Filewod


Do you want to travel through time?
Toby had been taking risks all his life. He still can't understand why his first foster family left him when he was only six; maybe it is because he could be impatient and impulsive. Well that is what his sister Amelia said he was. However it was more likely the result of the accident that started it all...

What are you like? Would you take a risk? When Toby is invited to travel through time one day, he accepts without thinking. He wants to find his father. Suddenly, he finds himself in the future. in a world with no countries that is controlled by huge multinational companies and policed by the Council and their Time Masters, who need his help.

Toby persuades two of his best friends to join him and together they try to prevent an environmental disaster happening by travelling back in time to 1981. However, a sinister organization called MORSC wants to stop them. Will Toby be able to complete his mission and meet his father? And if he ever finds his dad, what will he be like?

Follow Toby, Archie and Noor on a rollercoaster story of good versus evil, which will take readers back to 1940's London during the Blitz and forward into the future. The future is filled with animals that can understand and work with humans, powerful walking and flying Mechtechs, hover cars, sky cycles, VDUTs and of course 4D squash. Can the children escape the MORSC disruptor agents, complete their mission and still get back to present-day Earth, all without suffering from the time bends?

Time In is a gripping work of sci-fi fantasy that will appeal to children aged 9-12. The book, which is comparable to Alex Scarrow's Time Riders, has been inspired by Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines.

TIM FILEWOD has been teaching for over 10 years. He previously spent 9 years in the military. He loves outdoor sports and reading.