Affairs of the Dead - an Urban Fantasy novel by A.J. Locke

You could say helping ghosts wrap up their unfinished business is a hard enough job, especially when you're a reckless necromancer like Selene who makes a habit out of breaking the rules to get the job done. But when Selene's rule breaking gets her downgraded to tracking hide out ghosts and Selene finds a ghost named Ethan who claims he was kicked out of his body and someone else took over, Selene will have a bigger challenge to deal with than ever before.  Selene is hesitant to say what happened to Ethan is due to reanimation – the process of putting a soul into a corpse to bring it back to life – because it doesn't quite add up to how Ethan became a ghost. But when Ethan's body-jacker starts committing murder, Selene knows something is going on, and it's up to her to figure out what. And when working with Ethan's ghost ends up putting a ticking clock on Selene's life, she has all the reason in the world to track down the body-jacker, even if she can't promise Ethan that she can get him back into his own skin. Suddenly there's less time to sleep with the boss and bicker with her partner, Micah. Some girls have all the fun.