Winning With Dyslexia:How 10 Awesome People Did It - a self-help by Bev Huttinger

This book will be offered free from April 26th to April 30, 2013. Order from http: It's a fascinating account of 10 well-known people who refused to let dyslexia stop them from becoming super-successful in life.

Some of these people were adults before they knew why they had so much difficulty in their early lives. Others were diagnosed in early childhood, when much more was known about dyslexia and how to work with it. The most surprising and enlightening fact is that many dyslexics consider they were given a great gift that actually helped them to succeed.

Each story is different. But one thing all of the ten people have in common is a passion, a burning desire to devote their lives to something at which they can excel. It's a fascinating read, but the book's real purpose is to inspire this passion in its readers who are still struggling.