BirthRight by sydney addae - a wolf shifter story

Silas Knight is the Alpha of all the Alpha's on the continent. Each specially trained Alpha takes on his last name and wears his crest. He has the honor of communing with the Goddess and rules the wolf nation with a loving but tight fist. Over the years, he's focused on serving and protecting his growing nation, so when he discovers the human half breed in the hospital he's curious. Curiosity leads to him to a unraveling a nefarious plot designed to change the shifter nation in a way that's an abomination. 

Jasmine Bennett has just learned her son, Tyrone, died and was revived in Afghanistan. When she arrives in Maryland to be at his side, she enters a world that she had no idea existed. Her twin sons are not what she'd thought and neither was her deceased husband. Silas Knight offers her a solution to a problem she cannot handle on her own. And even though she knows he despises all that she is, she accepts and hopes for the best.

As the discovery of more half-breeds escalates, Silas must make decisions on how to treat the wolves who're different. Do they live or die? Will they be allowed to mingle with the full bloods or set aside in their own packs? Most importantly, what are their inherent BirthRights?