The End of Athens -Thriller Dystopia book promotion by Anthony Karakai

The End of Athens-Thriller Dystopia book promotion by Anthony Karakai

The End of Athens - Thriller Dystopia book promotion by Anthony Karakai

What would happen to us if we couldn't dream? What if social oppression had killed our ambitions, hopes and aspirations, to the point that the ability to dream became extinct?

In the year 2091, this is exactly what's happened. Athens has gone through a social and economic depression that has killed the spirits of millions. Athenians stopped dreaming long ago, and now any discussions of dreams have been put down as a thing of the past, or even worse, a myth.

But one man can dream, and is haunted by this ability. Why when he goes to sleep does he have visions, and why when he's awake can he envision a better future? Nikos must come to grips that there is no one like him, and he is alone in his fascination, isolation and intrinsic ability to harness this gift for the greater good. Is he going crazy, or has this genetic throwback been given to him for a higher purpose?

Before the government can continue its decimation of Greece, Nikos must find the courage to dream big, and rally his fellow countryman so that together they can reform this once illustrious society. The future is dark, and it's only getting darker. The end of Athens has begun, but can Nikos save it?