Fractured: Athena Rising - A Science Fiction Novel Book Promotion by Greg Jackson

Fractured: Athena Rising - A Science Fiction Novel Book Promotion by Greg Jackson

Athena Rising is the first novel in Greg Jackson's Fractured Saga, a trilogy based around the lost runaway Dylan King. Athena Rising is a science fiction novel that goes to the extremes in politics, scientific technology and individual choices and how they relate and coexist together. Set in a United States that is living under the corporate-appointed President, the citizens are oblivious that they are being controlled under the guise of religion. Separated into four Wards, based on income, America is balanced perfectly, with strict rules in place to keep the utopia thriving.

Until we meet Dylan King, an eighteen year-old runaway who is living in a prison city (Ward Four) full of convicted pedophiles, killers, rapists and thieves. She's a foster child running from a life of abuse and when we meet Dylan, she is living with her drug-addicted foster brother, Trick, who was convicted and sentenced there for violently protecting her in Ward Three.

Throughout her life, talents and knowledge have come easy to Dylan. She can play any instrument just by looking at it, she's multilingual without learning anything and her memories (good and bad) begin to trigger something buried deep within her mind. What she doesn't know is that she has been implanted with the Athena Technology after childbirth and it's finally coming to fruition as she turns eighteen. Will she embrace this technology that is eighteen years in the making, which was designed to spark a revolution to reclaim democracy? Is anything in Dylan's life even real? 

All Dylan knows is that everyone is suddenly chasing after her and her sanity is pushed to its limits in the twisted, action-packed science-fiction thriller, Fractured: Athena Rising. 

*This book contains dark, gritty themes that may not be suitable for children. Parental discretion is advised. 

From Greg Jackson:

Since I can remember, I loved dystopian stories like Escape From New York, The Crow, Blade Runner, X-Files and you name it. In my teen years, I listened to a lot of heavy metal (among a lot of other types of music) and most of the lyrics to this day are brilliant. They speak of government, of dystopian cities and their political dynamics (on all sides) were partially responsible for my love for telling darker stories with flashes of light and happiness that are somewhere on the horizon. I have always been drawn to colorful characters and how they exist in these worlds and I have always gravitated towards people finding that light on that horizon from within themselves. And in the case of the Athena Technology, that light wields great power and a healthy dose of madness.

So I decided to do something different than my other comedic novels, Operation Mistletoe and MacGuffin Files. I hope you enjoy Athena Rising as much as I enjoyed writing it!