His Wrath, Her Honor - an adult short story by E.M. Bryant

From the volatile thunderstorms to the consistently wet bodies, His Wrath, Her Honor sets the mood for a dark love story. Written in a unique format, the hatred and fury of Nick Banes is further and further unleashed with each sultry chapter…..

"I have offended my little rain goddess." She said nothing. "Such a luscious little rain goddess." He stepped near enough so he could whisper in her ear. So near that anyone walking by might think they were lovers. "I rather like imagining you parting your legs like Moses parted the sea. Welcoming anyone who requires refuge. Or do you clamp up and drown your men?"

Synopsis: Nick Banes enjoys cruelly tearing up town locals—with few bothering to spar with his violent temper. But newcomer Simone Silver strikes a nerve with Nick, and their fiery banter quickly escalates from mildly abrasive to full-on obsession. As Nick continues to push Simone closer to the edge, his conscience beckons him to save her…but his unwavering wrath seeks to destroy her.
Will he curb his fury to save Simone from herself, or will he let her fall into ruin?