The Breaking And Making Of Me : Kindle ebook by Sarah Brandis

Here is a memoir that has already caused some controversy on Amazon and social media.

'Let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah. I am thirty-two years young, and I am what I like to call an 'elective orphan'. That is to say that I chose to live without my parents for my own good. My interest in Psychology and Neuroscience has been with me for as long as I can remember. I was always interested in what went on in the minds' and brains' of my abusive parents. And then as I grew up, I became more interested in the workings of my own mind, as I began to realize all the mistakes I was making. Even though I was free of my parents, I was allowing history to repeat itself. 

What leads an intelligent person to seek out more abuse? Why do girls with 'Daddy Issues' crave men just like their fathers? 

My search for love and acceptance took me down many rabbit-holes. I now know that none of them served as an escape from my childhood pain, but more an extension of it. 

So what can psychological theories tell me about myself?
And can a lost child ever really grow up?'

I have told my story in as honest a way as I could, using some psychological theory to rationalise some of my epic mistakes in life.  The afore-mentioned controversy has come from some of the ex-friends discussed in the book.  Of course I have not named anyone (I am not crazy, honest), but I have told my side of the story without pulling any punches, and that has rocked the boat.  What I really wanted to achieve with this book was to show other people like myself, who also come from a difficult childhood, that life not only goes on, but can improve leaps and bounds if you find the right tools.  I got better with some therapy, and a lot of help from my awesome friends.  Life is good now, and I am happily studying psychology and neuroscience for a future in psychotherapy.  I hope this book makes you laugh in places; it was written to be uplifting, not to cause controversy!