The King of Sunday Morning: Kindle e-book by J B McCauley

The King of Sunday Morning is the fictional tale of a criminally-connected DJ who is on the run from his English past and avoiding the inevitable crash into his Australian future. Tray McCarthy should have been something but he ended up being a nobody. He has made some bad choices in his life and as a result he must run from everything he has ever known and avoid at all costs his seemingly obvious destiny.

In return for making the worst decision in his life, he is on the run from London's gangland identities. It is only his family's connections that save him but in return he must hide in relative obscurity in a non-descript Australian suburban nightmare. But destiny, chance and the inevitable bad luck have dogged Tray like a gypsy curse all his life and eventually his fates collide into a seemingly impossible outcome.

This book is about one man's journey through the international drugs trade set against the backdrop of House Music. The dialogue is direct and in your face. It contains frequent drug use and sex scenes but wending its way throughout the story is the underlying bond of love and mateship. This is Romeo and Juliet for the modern generation. Families collide and vie for supremacy in a tale of lust and vengeance.

Need Drugs? Need Money? Need Fame and Fortune? The King of Sunday Morning wished for all of that and now he wish he hadn't.
"This is like Human Traffic meets Guy Ritchie on steroids. High octane driving wit and dialogue. A window into life in the fast lane. Fine debut novel 4 stars" - Lake Review