The Class Ceiling - a contemporary romance by Kerry Fisher

The Class Ceiling - Downton Abbey in a contemporary school setting - the British class system alive and kicking at the school gates where your clothes, your accent and even your postcode matter!

When Maia Etxeleku, a cleaner for ladies who lunch, receives an unusual inheritance that allows her to send her children to a posh private school, she doesn't realise that everything from her bleach-stained work clothes to her children's packed lunches will come under scrutiny.

She negotiates a middle class minefield - the right biscuits to take to a coffee morning, the correct way to cut cheese and how to prevent her feckless partner from swigging back too much wine at school concerts.
Along the way, she makes an unlikely friend, Clover, who comes with a trust fund and a ramshackle mansion, plus a fondness for the F-word. She also makes a determined enemy, 'Jen1', a working class girl made good and hell-bent on pulling up the drawbridge behind her.
To the consternation of many affluent parents, a teacher, Mr Peters - the heartthrob of all mothers - goes beyond the call of duty to show Maia his support, but is his interest in her purely professional?

This is the perfect summer read...funny, sad and romantic with the ultimate feel-good factor. There will definitely be at least one character you recognise from school!

•    "I haven't enjoyed a book this much since One Day."
•    "A witty, social commentary and some more serious, real truths."
•    "A very funny, moving and compassionate novel."