A Pissy Fit of Evil! by Johnny T

A Pissy Fit of Evil! by Johnny T A Pissy Fit of Evil!

TNT was a superhero with a selfless agenda: helping humanity.  When certain humans evolved into super beings, TNT embraced his god-like powers and tried hard to be one of the good guys.

Unfortunately, his change also altered his appearance, making him look and sound exactly like Adolph Hitler, except taller!

After the tabloids rename him Chip Hitler (as in chip off the ol'block) he is framed by the hero Moses who sends him into an inter-dimensional prison.

But now Chip Hitler has escaped, and he wants vengeance on a world that has forced him into evil madness.  

Now, a team of metas formed from the dregs of the hero community have banded together as The Alpha Dogs of Righteousness! Consisting of the deer-enabled Deerstryke, the mentally challenged intelligence drainer Mindnumb, the ultra-sexy MILF, and the shrinking dwarf Electron, the Alpha Dogs are led by the enigmatic Powerchair to save the world from Chip Hitler's rampage!