The Epherium Chronicles: Embrace - A Science Fiction Space Opera by T.D. Wilson

Hope. James Hood, the most decorated warship Captain in the history of the Earth Defense Force, remembered what it felt like. As a young boy, it surged through his soul the day he watched the gigantic colony ships rocket away from Earth.  Each destined for different worlds light-years from home.  In the early 22nd century, Hood, like so many others on Earth, dreamed of following in the colonists' footsteps. He wanted to travel to a new world—to be something greater.

Then came the War...

An insectoid alien menace swarmed into Earth's solar system like a plague, destroying ships and leaving powerful orbital stations in ruin.  After years of vicious conflict, hope was nearly lost.  Earth's forces finally rallied and drove out the invaders leaving humanity battered, but not broken.

Now, six years after the war, Earth has slowly rebuilt what was lost and new beacons of hope arrive.  Two of the three colony ships, almost forgotten, have signaled that they have arrived safely.

Earth desperately needs those new colonies, but their alien adversaries are still out there.  If Earth sends out a fleet in force, it could start another war.  Reluctantly, Earth's leadership agrees to send one ship to make contact.  Hood is given command of a new ship, the Armstrong, and is ordered to proceed to the Cygni solar system with best possible speed.

 Hope. Hood needs it now more than ever.  Hope to find the colonists alive and hope that he could one day forgive himself for his actions that cost so many lives during the war.  Hood and his new ship set out to Cygni, but what he discovers along the way could be more dangerous to Earth than their formidable foes.