Sconnettts 51 Shakespearean Sonnets by Scottt Raven

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Upon getting engaged I compiled all the poems I wrote for people over the past fifteen years.  One by one I asked permission from each of these former lovers in using their names in a soon to titled collection of Shakespearean Sonnets. I heard back from all but one and Sconnettts was born.  I also thought it only fair to give each of these ladies the last word in a final section called the Lovers' Complaints an homage to the originally published Sonnets by Shakespeare in 1609 that features actual quotes about me from many people of my past. 

Sconnettts is a collection of heartfelt and humorous poems written between 1998 and 2013 reflecting on various aspects of love. Now before you  dismiss this based on any preconceived notions you may have of poetry or Shakespeare or author's who preface their blurbs with "before you immediately dismiss" let me tell you that the poem's work individually, but can also serve to form a single narrative of my own relationship history from first-love to fiancée and everything in between. 

Also, given that I began these when I was still a teenager, the poem's also reflect my journey as a writer as well as highlight significant family moments throughout my life. My mother taught English explaining my Jacobean and Elizabethan literary bent while my father was a pretty successful coach who greatly influenced my love of athletics and meandering path as an athlete. And then of course my brother who I love, but who's life can be somewhat of an enigma at times. We rarely show emotion towards one another and primarily connect through taking about film and television.

That being said the sonnets aren't limited to love, there are also sections on sports, Shakespeare and action movies and other poems of varying subject matter that consciously play with form including pieces relating to Saved By The Bell, The Coen Brothers and more.