The Godslayer - a contemporary fiction novel by Dave Walsh

The public life of a fighter is one of fame, fortune and public displays of brutality that lasts as long as the winning streak continues, but when the losses start stacking up everything changes. The toll that it takes on the fighter is sometimes not apparent to the outside world, but can tear the fighter apart systematically, both physically and mentally. That is the story of Alek Turner, the Godslayer.

The Godslayer is the story of Alek Turner, better known by his moniker of The Godslayer by his fans, in the twilight of his career, searching for meaning outside of the ring. The years of training and concussions have finally caught up with Alek and he finds himself at a crossroads, forced to make a choice between continuing his career or to reconnect with his estranged children who have been growing faster than he would like. Real life proves to be more of a challenge for Alek than training and fighting ever were.

The Godslayer is a tale of hardship, heartbreak and redemption as it focuses on the life of a Mixed Martial Arts fighter and the sacrifices that he made to be the best in the world. It asks the important question of if success is worth the price when it jeopardizes life outside of the ring. Follow Alek Turner's journey, written by longtime Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing writer Dave Walsh, in his debut novel.