The Keeper of Dawn - A coming-of-age novel by J.B. Hickman


15-year-old Jacob Hawthorne comes from a wounded past. With a self-absorbed mother, an estranged father, and an older brother on the other side of the world, only the unlikely friendship with his grandfather can lure Jacob back home. But home feels like a distant memory from the shore of Raker Island, the isolated campus of one of the Northeast's elite prep schools.


As the surrogate bonds of a cloistered all-boys school fall into place, Jacob finds himself among other sons of privilege who suffer the same affliction—growing up in their fathers' shadow. The old adage—the sons of great men rarely attain greatness—haunts these boys as they try to redefine themselves in the wake of lives left behind on the mainland. Together, the boys push the boundaries of expulsion, excitement, death and self-discovery. But when tragedy strikes, Jacob is forced to journey into the past to reclaim a well-guarded family secret.