The Remortal - a young adult urban fantasy novel by Ramsey Isler

Sometimes immortality isn't enough.

Telly is a homeless kid with not much going for him until he meets a charming and mysterious man named Van. Van reveals that he is actually an immortal, with abilities and wealth beyond Telly's wildest dreams. Van offers Telly the chance to inherit his powers and his fortune, and he only asks for one thing in return—something no one else has been able to do for two and a half centuries. 

He wants Telly to kill him. 

The events in The Remortal take the reader through the varied neighborhoods of Los Angeles; from the eclectic streets of Venice Beach, through the opulent neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, and into dangerous and unpredictable gang turf. L.A.'s diverse cultural landscape is a major element of the novel's theme. It's a city where everyone is reaching for the stars. This metropolis, where the fantasies of a lucky few come true, provides the perfect backdrop for the adventures of Van and Telly. While Telly fights for an escape from the constant fear, hunger, and shame that have haunted him during his homelessness, Van risks destruction in order to have a chance at something even greater than immortality: godhood.