The Life of a Baby Boomer: Kindle ebook by Steve Stinnett

"The Life of a Baby Boomer" tells the story of this author's own life.
While many thought I'd never succeed at anything, steadfast passion and determination proved them wrong.

This is a book for men/women who have ever struggled to achieve goals that often come quite easily to others. It is written in memoir form, but it also serves as inspiration to those who struggled in school,
who came from dysfunctional families, who wanted to do better for themselves than what others might have expected from them.

It's about my journey and how God stayed with me every step of the way. It is a book that describes my journey from 'the short bus' at
school, through the horrors of family emotional abuse, into the trials of my Navy life in Vietnam, back to civilian life and working in the prison system, and then coming full circle to end my career back in school as a history teacher.

My book is important because it demonstrates what perseverance and faith can do for a person, even though they have suffered through dysfunctional family situations. It also places a huge focus on goals and how they can be achieved, even after being labeled as a 'slow learner' within the educational system.

Anyone can fulfill their dreams, even if they don't get a chance to do so until adulthood. My book has no age barriers and doesn't exclude anyone. If you have a dream, hope or even a shred of will power – perhaps my story will inspire you to become everything you've ever wanted to be.

It's about each reader. It's about empowering them to push themselves and fulfill their greatest desires. My own story is just used as a catalyst and to give to hope the millions who lack it," he adds.

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