The Magnificent Hermitage Museum - Kindle ebook by Larisa Levanova

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Hi, my name is Larisa  Levanova and "The Magnificent Hermitage Museum" is the very first e-book I wrote. St.Petersburg was my hometown where I lived almost 40 years (now living in Brussels, Belgium). During my university years in Russia, I used to visit the Hermitage 3-4 times a week (you guess I was more interested in Art than following some "boring" courses) and today when returning to St.Petersburg, I never miss a chance to visit this gorgeous museum.

This art book of 50+ pages (fully illustrated) has been structured to allow virtual or physical visitors to discover the Ten Best Rooms and Paintings from the famous St.Petersburg Museum. Even if, you have only a day to admire this Fantastic Museum, the book will walk you through this palace of the 18th century. Actually, all Hermitage rooms (there are 353 in total) have preserved their original decoration from the past. Many rooms are truly breathtaking and will be admired prior to focus your attention on paintings, sculptures, art objects (The Hermitage has over 3 million art pieces of which less than 5% are displayed).

Sincerely hope you will enjoy this exciting journey in one of the greatest and oldest art museums. Why not, by the way, if you can afford it, plan a trip to St.Petersburg. Besides a visit to the Hermitage, St.Petersburg has some unique historical monuments built by Peter the Great and Empress Catherine II.