The Nexus Complex: A Personal Guide to Truth - a unique self-help book by Greg Lentz

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The Nexus Complex is a designed system of knowledge that teaches the reader how and why to accelerate their personal social evolution past the current state of humanity. It's based on three pillars: a pragmatic look at various social mechanics governed by Truth, a methodology to prove these mechanics exist, and a process to apply this verified knowledge in one's life. The Nexus Complex is not a spiritual or religious book but rather, a unique perspective stressing the importance of creating conscious choices intended to produce experiences that promote well-being for the self, others, and the environment in accordance with Truth's social mechanics. What makes this book different from many others in it's genre is the system allows a person to unquestionably verify the aspects it presents as Truth and apply this knowledge with an observable benefit. It focuses on teaching how and why it's in our best interest to remove harmful perceptions of Truth and replace them with verified knowledge of Truth to experience advanced levels of happiness...regardless of the difficulties encountered in life.

Among other aspects, The Nexus Complex presents the powerfully creative nature of human beings, the intimate relationship between choice/experience (and the inherent responsibility embedded within them), the benefits of advanced sapience, and the general mechanics of social Truth. The overall focus of the book is to help people achieve advanced levels of sapience by learning to create functional choices that consistently result in beneficial experiences. In addition to including a wide range of data, it offers various step-by-step instructions for the reader to implement newly acquired knowledge to accomplish this goal.