The Kron Cipher - a conspiracy thriller by Dave Michael Rogers

The Kron Cipher is a fast paced conspiracy thriller inspired by a true story.
About seven years ago I experienced a phenomenon whilst experimenting with a disconnected electric fence.  As an electrical engineer I didn't understand where over 1000volts was coming from effectively a disconnected length of wire that usually had 10,000volts pulsing through it.  So I started researching on the WWW and soon discovered the world of Free Energy.
I started experimenting and came into contact with some very clever and talented people who between us could produce and manufacture a prototype of almost any technology that was being hailed as the next possible Free Energy generator.
One particular device that was held in very high regard was called the Lockridge Device.  It was a small generator that produced 300watts of free electricity and did not need any fuel to run.
I spoke to two people who had actually seen such devices, and discussed at length with one John Bedini whose own story of the device provided inspiration for The Kron Cipher.

Daniel Bateman has a hobby.   His hobby allows him to escape the rat race of working in the city and travel to Europe on the hunt for old pieces of electrical equipment, tools and any other items of interest; especially military.  It is on one of these treasure hunts that Daniel finds a working Lockridge Device.  However, disclosing this discovery, even to only a handful of trusted friends on the Internet has dire consequences.

If you discovered Free Energy, what would you do?