A Brilliant Ride, a Women's Contemporary Romance, by Lisa J. Mitchell


     Penelope Dupres is quickly realizing her highbrow life and hoity toity friends just aren't cutting it anymore. With two murders, a philandering husband, dark secrets and whispers of betrayal nipping at her heels, Penelope seeks to find a way out of the chaos. Her dreams are answered with the arrival of a very unconventional angel named Brilliant. Brilliant pulls the rug out from under Penelope and teaches her there's more to life than country clubs and designer handbags. With his particular zest for life and unconventional tactics, Penelope learns to love herself again, embarks on a journey to create the life she's always dreamed of and finds her true love. Join Penelope for the ride of her life as she kicks up her heels and starts to love again.

     A Brilliant Ride is a humorous romance mystery. It's the story of Penelope Dupres and her journey to find true love. Penelope lives in a world of opulence and grandeur, but deep down she longs for a simpler life. After realizing her marriage is over, she seeks to create the life she's only dreamed of living, and after years of pleasing everyone but herself, she sets out to find her true self and her true love. Penelope has lost sight of who she truly is and longs to be the girl she once was. Feeling helpless, she digs deep and asks for guidance. Her dreams are answered with the arrival of Brilliant, her guardian angel. Brilliant pushes Penelope to enjoy life and teaches her how to create her perfect reality.

     A Brilliant Ride is a humorous romp that brings home a powerful message. It encourages all women of any age to have faith and dream big. We all have the power to create. I wrote this book hoping all women would benefit from that idea. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, so kick up your heels and enjoy.