Dead Spit - Kindle ebook by Cary Smith

In late 2011 the long agonizing wait was finally over as shivering emotion wrapped its long arms to smother an embrace of hideous fear. The figure at the front door had run through the procedure dozens of times. Even practiced parts of it to ensure ti was exactly right. Absolutely no room for error.

Police chief Craig Darke knows nothing of this. He simply has to deal with the aftermath, with the body on the kitchen floor, and the baby asleep upstairs.

March 2012 and to the north of the cathedral city another young woman with a child has been strangled just outside her back door. Once again no rhyme or reason, DNA, forensics or any connection.

His troubles have just doubled.

Then there's the death of a twin to turn his brain inside out and his troubles have doubled again. As if that is not enough to cope with, in his private life a beautiful redhead he last set eyes on when she was thirteen appears to bring his whole world crashing down around him.