A Humble Heart - Kindle ebook by Tim Vander Meulen

Kindle Page - A Humble Heart (Dark World 1)

Have you ever had your family ripped from you? Killed in your presence? Have you ever had your entire race destroyed by enemies? Henty and Clese experience this horrific tragedy in their teen years, and they are determined to persuade the Elves and Dwarves to join their cause and retake their country. A Humble Heart is a tale of character. Each individual undergoes his or her own inner conflicts while certain circumstances bring them together on an epic quest. This all takes place in a massive world of fantastic elements and creatures. I didn't want to write a fun story, or a trendy fantasy, or a romance, or a war epic, though it is all these things. I wanted to write a good story. I wanted the characters to experience tragedy, to question themselves, to make poor choices and learn from them, to wrestle with constant hardship, all in the backdrop of an exciting adventure in a fantasy world.