Black Rose; Dying - kindle ebook By Edward Val

To call Black Rose; Dying anything less than powerful is making a woeful understatement...

In his striking new collection of poetry, author Edward Val takes the reader deep into the heart and mind of a soldier who has not only seen the extreme pain, loss, and unspeakable horrors of war - but he's lived to tell about it. Composed during his two-year deployment in Iraq, Val's moving opus serves as a stirring testament to the indomitable strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Most impressive about Black Rose; Dying is the versatility that Val displays in chronicling the depths of his wartime experience. Many soldiers may be able to expound on similar topics as the ones that Val covers, but few would be able to do so in such arresting, compelling fashion. Whether employing the catchiness of end rhyme or the subtle profundity of haiku and senryu, Val ensures that the reader feels the full brunt of his musings - just as he experienced the real life events that inspired them. By styling his pieces so, Val lends his writings the much needed - and much appreciated - genuine authenticity that separates his collection from a garden variety recollection of life in the time of war.

Gripping, eye-opening, and brutally honest, Black Rose; Dying is an instant poetic classic that readers of all backgrounds can appreciate - regardless of whether or not you're a fan of poetry. Highly recommended.