Ghostly Summons - a kindle ebook by John A. Karr

A ghost, a beach and a man who believed seeing ghosts was a form of mental illness ... and that his crime reporting days were over.

Lars Kelsen abandoned life as a crime reporter in Charlotte, North Carolina for the tranquil beach setting of the Outer Banks (OBX). For five years he worked part-time as a computer programmer without seeing the ghosts of murder victims appear in his daily life. He has regrets -- the loss of his son, the break up of his marriage -- and his share of nightmares, but after immersing himself in the slower pace of North Carolina's OBX, he thought the ghost thing was behind him.

So not true.

His co-worker happens to be married to the editor of the local daily newspaper and web site, and has heard of Kelsen's experience as a journalist investigator. The editor tells Kelsen what he doesn't want to hear ... there's been a murder at the OBX and no one has been charged by the police. Would he like to investigate and report the story for the paper? He could be read by seven million people that visit each year.

Would Kelsen like to return to the life he had before?

Hell no, he wouldn't.

But the ghost of the murder victim provides compelling motivation.

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