Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story, Solving The Cross Platform Puzzle - Kindle ebook by Donald and Claire Leka

The Glide OS Story is a Must-Read for any entreprneur pioneering a new

In this era of cross platform wars and online surveillance, there has
never been a better time for the release of this book. Authors Donald
Leka and Claire Leka take you behind the scenes at Glide where the
challenge is the complexity of solving the cross platform problem and
providing users with greater control over their personal data.

The platform wars between Apple, Google and Microsoft are taking place
on the native desktop and in the cloud. While consumers are benefiting
from innovation that is spawned by competition there is a downside:
Different platforms and cloud services don't work together as they
should. In addition, consumers do not have adequate transparency into
how their personal data is used. Since we all live in a multi-platform
world and use cloud services, everyone is affected.

Since 2005, Glide has offered a different vision of the future where
consumers are empowered by cross platform technology and have greater
control over their personal data. This book challenges the technology
industry to put users first and open up proprietary ecosystems to
facilitate cross platform capabilities and increase user control and
transparency over personal data. It's a fast-paced, inspiring and
thought provoking read. You will not be able to put this book down.