The Terrarium Echo - Kindle ebook by Ramon Cerda

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A judicial error that starts with a false report and circumstantial evidence ends up with a twenty years conviction against an innocent man. A judge with pangs of conscience and drug addiction issues, a corrupt police officer, a strange anonymous leak to a local journalist
regarding a tape recording made in a courtroom…

Does electronic voice phenomena really exist?
Are they voices from the afterlife?
Can an electronic voice phenomenon change the destiny of the novel's characters?


I'm going to try to respond to the last question without revealing the
plot of this novel.

Yes, the life of the different characters not only can change, it
actually change; all and each of them, for different reasons that we
would discover, are going to be affected and every step after the
electronic voice phenomena appearance would make them recall the old
fears or they just would feel guilty of what they actually judge, as
everyone would feel if judging without proofs, knowledge and in a

Alfonso Santianes was taken into preventive custody thanks to an
unfair law and being in preventive custody might have also inclined
the jury members to declare him guilty of a crime with many unanswered

A solid plot thanks not to the writer but to his characters, would
make it impossible to take our eyes away from the book wishing to
discover the ending; we need to know if the judge and the society were
right or on the contrary took the easiest road.

Through this black novel you would taste the underworlds that live at
night, the addictions and dark lives of a few characters, the fears of
being identify, of truth becoming common knowledge, and that your life
end up published on the front page; they all have a past or something
to hide, they all are small ants that give voice to a story to be yet
discovered and to the facts that might still be incomplete.

From a black novel we move to a thriller because Ramón knows well how
to pull the threads and delivers all the voices that have something to
say in this case, even their own version or fears only, but each
character will tell us his verdict and his reasoning; chaining thus
each character when you less expect it and in the right moment without
losing rhythmus and reveling to us the convicted in a more ample

A novel that you won't be able to stop reading before you can throw
out of your mind the voices, voices that are going to give you the
necessary traces to understand and resolve this case.