Eternity - Kindle eBook by Teresa Federici

Eternity was born of 6 weeks recuperation from a back injury that left me laid out on the couch watching vampire movies, my all-time favorite. I started writing it with no intention of publishing it, but after I wrote it, I loved it so much I wanted to share it with everyone. It was the first novel that I wrote that I felt so strongly about, so it was very exciting when it was picked up by a boutique publisher.

Eternity is not about just love, but how far people will go for the people they love. Its about friendship, trust, sacrifice, and loyalty. Yes, there are sexy vampires, werewolves, and witches but I like to think that its more than that. It's a fun read, a story that you want to get lost in, and hopefully revisit often. As one reader said, "A very powerful & moving vampire the plot,storyline but most of all the writing. A well written story by a wonderful fresh starting out author. A must read hate it ended but oh so looking forward to the next one!

I hope you enjoy Anna and Gareth's story, and look for Magick, the second book in the trilogy, to be released late-fall 2013.