Reservations for Two - kindle ebook by Anne Patrick

A Christian Romance  Kindle free book promotion July 13 – 15, 2013

Widower Maggie O'Brien lost the love of her life three years ago.  She is now on a journey to find peace and closure.  This vibrant and spunky former pastor's wife wants to fulfill the dream she had over forty-two years ago of traveling the world and experiencing new adventures.  What she finds in Mason Springs, New Mexico isn't on her bucket list though.  Former judge and fellow widower Carson Jennings didn't expect Maggie either.  This adventurer never dreamed he'd be swept off his feet by a woman so different from his late wife.  The romance that blossoms between them will be tested in ways neither could have imagined.  Will their love for one another be strong enough to weather the storms—or will the love for their children and other circumstances keep them apart?  Join Maggie and Carson on their oftentimes hilarious and soul-searching adventure.  It's sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Some Reviews:
"This was a refreshing and delightful story.  A story that shows how two older people who have lost their spouses can find true love again. Ms. Patrick wrote it with just the right amount of drama, and romance to keep the reader's attention. The characters stand out and blend well together. As Carson and Maggie share their faith and depend on God for their strength to see them through the storms, we also see family life, how little things can either bind a family closer together or drive them apart. Although Maggie and Carson are older, they are in no way slowing down. The relationships that Maggie and Carson develop with each other as well as the people they meet seems to be on a fast track but the deep feelings are believable and made me want to turn the pages just as fast as I could. I found Reservations For Two to be a story that was filled with humorous moments with imperfect characters and because of that, I could relate very well...The one thing I loved about this book, because I rarely see it in others, is the incorporation of Maggie's children and grandchildren. It was so refreshing to watch as the different generations dealt with the same trials and tribulations although in different ways...I highly recommend this book to any lover of the sweet romance genre."

"By the last page I was in tears, because I didn't want the book to end! I didn't want to say goodbye to Maggie, Carson and their families and friends."

"This book had all 3 of the components that I look for in a book...made me think, laugh, and shed a few tears. I loved every word and did not want this book to end."


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