In Love With My Best Friend- kindle ebook by Sheena Binkley

Can friends be more than just friends?

In Love With My Best Friend is a general romance between two friends, who discover their love for each other goes way beyond friendship.

While one friend had her lived in display for years, the other come to terms with his feelings after becoming engaged to his college sweetheart.

Through various events, mishaps, and misunderstandings, the two recognize the love they have for each other.

One thing about romance novels is that the main characters always have to go through obstacles to prove the love they have for each other, and with In Love With My Best Friend, the situation is no different.

The two characters had to fully admit to themselves as well as to each other the feelings they had were always there, but never wanted to comprehend. The events in this book could be pretty relatable to individuals who may have been in this situation.

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