Let No False Angels - a sci-fi Kindle ebook by Wesley Morrison


I signed with my first literary agent at 19. Not only had he been an editor before becoming an agent, he had been the one editor I really wanted to crack but never did. So when he offered to represent me, it felt like God telling Moses things would all work out in the end. First one manuscript and then another went out, always getting good reaction if not a contract, and I was hanging out in the SFWA suite at conventions and being introduced to writers I had grown up idolizing as one of the new up-and-comers.


And of course, it never happened.


I kept writing, though. And I kept trying. I signed with and changed agents, more than once, as time went on, and I even took a 10-year detour in Hollywood as a screenwriter, snagging an option or two, developing a bunch of scripts with various producers that in the end went nowhere, and being introduced again as one of the new up-and-comers.


And of course, it never happened.


I kept writing, though, and I kept trying. I had been knocked back to square one more than once as a writer, and form-letter rejections from publishers and agents don't have quite the same sting after you've had 10 movie or TV pitches shot down in 10 minutes (or less) by someone sitting right in front of you. Besides, I was married and in my forties at this point, and had gained a hard-won perspective on things that I couldn't have imagined back when I was in my twenties writing novels or in my thirties writing screenplays.


That perspective is in this book, both in the writing and in the indie publication for Kindle. It was a long journey, and hopefully, its readers will think that journey was worth it.




The others came for Heinrich Aguirre when he was a child. Born in one of the Germanies with a light inside his mind, Aguirre is raised to take his place as one of the Magian, the rare few who can part the veil between the many versions of Earth. Vowing to protect these endless worlds and all who live in them, Magian do not hesitate. But during his first battle, while still less than a man, Aguirre does, only to see the magus who raised him die instead.


For his sin, the others banish Aguirre to the solitary path.


Seventeen years later, Magian are being slaughtered, and with a kind of power no magus has ever seen before. Suspicion quickly falls on Aguirre, who realizes that his only hope is to find the truth himself. So Aguirre turns his back on those who have already turned their backs on him, and with the Magian in pursuit, he races to save his own kind before they kill him first.