JUMP - A Thriller Novel by Stephen R. Stober

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JUMP by Stephen R. Stober (http://www.amazon.com/JUMP-ebook/dp/B00CPT8HOA/)

"Fabulous ... This book will kidnap your eyeballs until you have nothing left to read."

"Loved it loved it loved it ... a great ride with a fabulous conclusion. Now where is the f_____ing sequel?"

Suppose one day, you woke up and found yourself in someone else's body in a strange place surrounded with people that you didn't know, but you were a significant person in their lives. What would you do? Would you say that you lost your memory and end up going to the hospital? Or would you try to fake it? Could you fake it?  Could you play the role of that person in whose body you are now 'in' and avoid being detected as a fraud? 

This mind-body concept is explored in the novel JUMP focusing on the protagonist who finds himself in the mind and body of businessman, Jeremy Roberts. How does he play the role of Jeremy in the middle of a tight knit family? And when he discovers that this family has been confronted with a tragedy, how can he help?

There's also a parallel story about the protagonist himself. Throughout the book, he narrates his feelings and conflict about his existence. From the outset he says: "I don't know who I am; I don't know what I am."  Although he remembers the names of the thousands of those he has 'visited' in the past, he cannot remember his name or where he is from.

If you liked The Time Traveller's wife and books by David Baldacci, you'll love JUMP.