Anything You Ask: Romance Kindle ebook Promotion by Lynn Kellan

Anything You Ask: Romance Kindle ebook Promotion by Lynn Kellan

Anything You Ask: Romance Kindle ebook Marketing by Lynn Kellan

When a temporary marriage starts to feel real, can love survive too many secrets?

Danielle believed in happily ever after, until she married the wrong man. His unexpected death leaves her destitute and distraught. She can't run the farm by herself and she can't sell the farm until it's profitable. She's trapped.

Her husband's brother has an unconventional solution. He will take the farm off her hands…if she marries him. The marriage will put the family farm in his hands. In return, Hale promises to free her from the past. After all, she did the same for him a long time ago.

She agrees to marry him in name only…if he lets her leave in six months. It is a risky deal. He is a deaf man with too many secrets. She has no idea what he's been doing over the past six years. The marriage is dangerous for Hale, too. He doesn't know what will be harder: getting her to trust him, or hiding the fact he's been in love with her ever since they met.

True to his word, Hale works tirelessly to make the farm profitable again. That's not the only thing Danielle notices. On the rare times that she asks for something, he nods and says, "Anything you ask." As she prepares to leave, she begins to wonder if she found the right man? When he is near, she doesn't hurt any more.

When Hale's secrets are revealed by someone who wants to hurt him, Hale's past threatens to engulf their future. Can Danielle love a man with so many combustible secrets?

When Anything You Ask was offered for free in May, it reached #1 in Contemporary Fiction and #1 in Women's Fiction in the Kindle Free Store. Currently on sale now for $2.99.