Neverworld - kindle ebook by E. Racine

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Neverworld is the story of two young friends, sixteen-year-old Samantha Beckett and fourteen-year-old Charlie Neilson, who find themselves bound together on a great adventure in a place not found on any map-- a place called, NEVERWORLD.

Samantha has never known her mother.  All she knows, is that at only a few days old, a strange woman appeared from the woods surrounding her town and left her in basket at the doorstep of the Department of Family Services.  Since that day, she has lived in a series of foster homes, becoming a quiet, reclusive girl with the single-minded obsession of finding the woman who abandoned her at birth.  Attractive and intelligent, she nevertheless is a lonely girl, who's only friend is her neighbor and local malcontent, Charley Neilson. 

Walking home from school on a cold autumn evening, Samantha and Charley finds themselves being chased by two boys.  But these do not appear to be normal boys.

"They looked…sick," Samantha said.
"I was going to say dying."
"Well it's true.   I wouldn't pet a dog that looked that bad and neither would you."

Eluding their pursuers, they make it back to Samantha's foster home only to run head-long into a strange man.  Bearded, with a patch over one eye, he introduces himself as Captain Bartholomew Jones, and claims to have been sent to fetch Samantha back to her mother.  Samantha is wary, but intrigued; this may be her best chance to finally meet her mother.  Charley cautions against going with this "geezer-saurus", but when Samantha finally agrees, he reluctantly joins her.  Heading into the woods, Charley asks where they're going.

"Neverworld, he said. "No doubt you've heard of it?"
"Oh, sure.  That's um... west of here.  Isn't it?"
"Captain Jones laughed.  "Nay, lad.  Nor East nor North, nor South."
Samantha frowned.  "I've been studying maps since I was a child.  I don't remember ever seeing a place called Neverworld."
"Ain't surprising," said Captain Jones.
"Why, where is it?"
"Other side of the map."

In a ring of toadstools, Captain Jones thrusts a silver spoon into the ground.  The cool autumn night fades away and they find themselves on a warm beach, the sun setting before them.

"Welcome to Neverworld," said Captain Jones.

Neverworld is a primitive place.  Electricity and complex machinery is unknown here.  Delivering Samantha to her mother requires a sea journey of several weeks aboard Jones' sailing ship, the Parrot Dropping.  The land is fraught with danger and populated by creatures straight out of a fairy tale: Ogres, Elves, Gnomes and a surly, talking dog are only a few of the beings Samantha and Charley encounter during their voyage.  Many are helpful, including the mysterious swordsman, Thomas Drake and the Nymph, Daphne.  But not everyone is so accommodating.  Samantha learns that the 'boys' who chased her and Charley back in their world, were actually members of an ancient and evil race, the Gurka.  It was the Gurka who started Neverworld's last war--the year Samantha was born--and who now threaten war again.  Why they were after Samantha, is a mystery.

After many adventures and trials, Samantha and Charley finally arrive at their destination, only to discover that their reason for being here is a lie.  The true reason for Samantha's presence in Neverworld is to help stop a war, and it will require her to give the only thing that has ever truly been hers.

Neverworld is a novel for children and adults.