That Dog Won't Hunt, a Southern contemporary by Brandilyn Collins

Ebook $2.99, Paper $9.62:

Meet the Dearings, a loving, boisterous Southern family. That Dog
Won't Hunt is the humorous yet poignant story of the Dearings' attempt
to welcome the youngest son's new fiancee at their annual reunion. But
Christina's only experience with "family" has been her alcoholic and
horribly abusive parents. She doesn't understand teasing. She doesn't
understand raised voices—unless a fight's about to break out. She
doesn't know how to trust. She loves Ben desperately. But how can she
possibly fit into this close-knit clan? Plus, she has to contend with
a howling Yorkie who acts like royalty, a fiasco involving lobsters, a
banana yellow hearse, and other crazy shenanigans. Come to think of
it—the Dearing family might prove too much for just about anybody.

"Hysterically Funny, Painfully Honest, Brutally Addicting" --Amazon reviewer

"You perfectly captured the emotion and inner turmoil Christina went
through being suddenly thrown into the middle of a big family. I could
so relate to her. I grew up in the south with alcoholic parents. I'll
never forget the first time I was around a big family. I absolutely
didn't know what to do. You pegged it spot on! Truly amazing. I'm
awestruck." --Reader letter

"Funny, moving & heart warming. Makes me wish I was part of the
Dearing family." --Amazon reviewer

"I have never laughed out loud so hard when reading a book." --Reader
note on Facebook

"The point that struck me was how secret abuse is and how secret the
resulting struggle is. [This book] shows the walls built up during
abuse and how the walls can be broken in a healthy relationship.
Inspiring." --Amazon reviewer