Parker's Folly - kindle ebook by Doug L. Hoffman

Have you ever dreamed of flying off into the galaxy on an out of this
world adventure? Not in some distant future, but in the present day?
Imagine finding an eccentric oil billionaire building a space ship on
his ranch, with advanced technology, a dedicated crew and a mysterious
secret mission. Imagine being trapped on board when the ship leaves
Earth for the ISS, Moon and points beyond. This is what happens in
Parker's Folly to a TV news crew and a squad of misfit Marines.

TK Parker's ship—referred to by its construction crew as Parker's Folly—
proves to be a real, functioning space ship. Their hand forced by the
government, Captain Jack Sutton and crew are forced to depart before
they are fully ready. On board is a collection of characters: a short
handed crew, snooping news media, rescued cosmonauts, hostile Marines
and a polar bear (yes, a polar bear). Together they are swept up in an
adventure none of them envisioned. Along the way they discover duty,
friendship, and even romance while become embroiled in a conflict that
has been raging across the Orion Arm for more than four million years.

Parker's Folly is an old fashioned Space Opera, written with up to date
science, lots of action and a dash of humor. Author Doug L. Hoffman
cites Arthur C. Clark, Issac Asimov, L. Sprague de Camp, Robert
Heinlein, and E.E. "Doc" Smith as his inspirations in concocting this
action filled adventure among the stars. If you are a fan of old time
outer space adventure from the golden age of Science Fiction, this is a
book you should read. Parker's Folly is the first book of the T'aafhal
Inheritance trilogy. The adventure continues in the sequel, Peggy Sue,
and the forthcoming M'tak Ka'fek.