The Whispering Wind: kindle ebook by Lexa Dudley

The Whispering Wind is a classic love story  set on the Enchanting, Magical and little known
Mediterranean island of Sardinia.

Where Elise, escaping a loveless marriage, goes on holiday and finds another more gentle world,
that gives her the peace she craves so desperately.
While there she meets Beppe a local Sard and they find they have many things in common.
Their love of music, poetry and tradition, draws them together and, despite religious and cultural
differences,  they embark on a passionate and loving affair.
After weeks of happiness fate and conspiracy step in and Elise is forced to return to
England to face all the problems she was so desperate to leave behind.
Although this is essentially an emotional love story; The Whispering Wind gives an insight into the
stunning landscape; from the beautiful beaches to the breathtaking mountains, with the historical
culture and traditional life of the Sardinians.
If you like your love stories to be gentle and set in wonderful surroundings then this book is for you.