Carnie Kids - The Botanic Bugaboo - kindle ebook by Ian Butler

When asked by his two young children to write them a story, the author enquired what they would like to read about. 'A Carnival', replied his daughter. 'Farts', replied his son. And so began the adventures of the Carnie Kids, very quickly transforming from a short story into a novel.
Carnie Kids – The Botanic Bugaboo is a children's novel, aimed at middle grade readers.

When Obermaier's Travelling Carnival arrives in the small town of Trenthide, it appears as ordinary as any other. The events that quickly unfold are as extraordinary as the carnival performers themselves. Central to the ensuing mayhem, the Carnie Kids find themselves at odds with the sinister Robert Stellar, patriarch of the ominous Stellar Corporation.

As their friends begin to disappear, the Carnie Kids are forced to employ their unusual abilities in ways they never have before. However, even unique physical capabilities pale in comparison to the fiendishness the kids discover deep within the Stellar Corporation.

Sabotage, perpetrated by a former employee and a disgruntled Carnival Manager add to the woes of the Carnie Kids as their situation worsens. With each day becoming more desperate, the kids will resort to anything in order to secure the return of their friends.
In a final climactic apocalypse, the Carnie Kids are pitched against an army of animated botanical monstrosities, controlled by the very person they set out to rescue.

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