Scout Report Volume 1: The Rise of the Black Wolf - a supernatural enigma by Samuel Rose

These books embody a myth that rings true.  They start with a series of events that happen before the birth of Ozo Trece.  Discarnate beings manipulate awareness and circumstances to their own ends.  Ozo is born feeling in some spiritual way mutilated, and his life has no choice but to be focused on undoing that condition.

The cover, spine, and back of the paperback edition tell a story.  On the cover we see human totality in the form of a dreaming body, waking body, and nahualistic body.  The dreaming body passes through a portal (the Blue Disc) and travels to another world on the back cover.  There, the dreaming body pulls the nahualistic body through, upon death of the waking body.  Who are the two nahualistic beings on the back cover?

The series embodies an alternative narrative.  This is something anyone can do...if they dare.  What happens if you choose to perceive your life on perception's own terms, rather than a social consensus?  

The books are presented as fiction, and that is...true.  Of course, Truth cannot be captured in any words.  The effort is real, to capture the life of what some would call an Indigo being.  In trying to communicate goings-on in the Abstract Realm's nahualistic body to the Concrete Realm's waking body, some "flattening", distortion, and error is introduced.  You can only call it fiction...but it becomes a myth that rings true.  

Perhaps you can read it and perceive the primal awareness's intent that I am attempting to communicate?  Can your nahualistic body arrive at the threads of intent I am trying to communicate?  If so, you will experience a non-verbal "Ah Ha!" moment, and true communication will have occurred.  

Please do not get captured by the words, the specific details, or the specific characters.  What is being communicated is generic.  

Note that the first volume relates to one aspect of awareness which has more of a "dark" feel.  The second book relates to its mirror, and shall be published soon.  As above, so below, and note that the brain (corpus callosum), the body (midline), the Earth (equator), the Solar System (inner Oort cloud disc) and the Milky Way galaxy (galactic plane) all have hemispheres or opposite the two sides of a coin.

There are many metaphors rippling through the books, but one has to do with the reconciliation of this fact.  Should one become estranged from the other side, reconcile with it, or work in collaborative harmony with it?  There are many subtleties to such a decision.  

If you are familiar with the works of Carlos Castaneda, then you will appreciate these books, and their contribution to studies of awareness, intent, will, dreaming, and what-not.