Shimwari - BOOK ONE- The Sotsee Invasion by Steve Carter

Shimwari-BOOK ONE- The Sotsee Invasion by Steve Carter, takes a refreshing
look at the action adventure genre and is definately story for the whole
family. As the title suggests, it is book one in a trilogy based on the
popular novel by Steve Carter, "Mask of the Fufura. The Sotsee Invasion."
Steve adapted the novel into an easy to read series of kindle books, with
the aim of enticing the reader in with Book one, and giving them the option
to buy the remaining two at their leisure. Three short sharp exciting

Book one, takes the reader for the first time to the mystical world that
exists nestled in our hero Ted's back garden. To get to this land, the land
of Shimwari, one has to wear the fabled "mask of the Fufura." However, it's
not that easy. The mask chooses who is going to be it's wearer, and now it
has chosen Ted. Huge responsibility comes with wearing the mask, as the
powers that the mask gives to the chosen one are great. Ted is warned by
his new friend and confidante, the Sandidee tribal leader Kevok, that he
now has the power to tamper with the "endaba," the natural balance of
nature, and once the endaba has be disturbed, there is no knowing what
might happen. Can a ten year old boy handle this responsibility, why did
the mask choose him in the first place, and why did his father abandon his
family? Find out as you absorb yourself in the fast action packed plot,
with it's many twists and turns. Don't read it with the light off!
Move over Harry Potter, there is a new hero in town...