The Candidate's Daughter - Kindle ebook by Catherine Lea

*4th of JULY SPECIAL *

Kelsey Money is twenty-two, has scant education, few prospects, and
lives on the wrong side of town.

Elizabeth McClaine is forty-nine, has a Harvard degree, a husband who's
a shoe-in for the U.S. Senate, and a luxury home by the lake.

From the outside, Kelsey and Elizabeth couldn't be more different -- bu
they have one thing in common: Elizabeth's six-year-old daughter, Holly.
Holly has Down syndrome, a cleft palate, and unquestioning trust.

Elizabeth failed her. Kelsey kidnapped her. Both women have lost her.

Now Kesley and Elizabeth have twenty-four hours to find Holly, because
in twenty-five she'll be dead.

*The Candidate's Daughter is FREE for download from July 4th to July 6th

Catherine lives in New Zealand with her intellectually and physically
handicapped daughter, and a fox terrier that thinks he owns the house.
She has sold international satellite capacity, worked in I.T.
recruitment, and run her own communications store. Catherine's love of
writing began when she took an adult education class. Faced with the
choice between writing and pottery, she figured writing would be less
damaging to her nails. Who knew? Starting out with chick-lit and a
couple of mysteries, she dabbled in fantasy and Y.A before turning her
pen to her long-time loves, suspense and thrillers.