The Billionaire’s Gift – kindle ebook by Edward Iwata
Why would a high-powered CEO parade through the city streets, tossing $1 million in cash to frenzied strangers?

The Billionaire's Gift explores a coldhearted businessman's quest for a greater purpose in life than the unending pursuit of earthly goods. This modern-day Midas reveres his vast assets, his hidden vaults of gold. But when his health fails, the billionaire finds that all of the king's money cannot bring him joy, nor heal his spirit.

To his surprise, he receives guidance and comfort from his late parents and from his devout secretary, a sharp but often ignored businesswoman. Yet, one callous act by the billionaire tests her loyalty like never before. As the soul-searching billionaire faces death, will his secretary find her belief renewed in him? And will a man of extraordinary wealth become a man of extraordinary faith?

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