Walk With God Today Kindle e-book by Brian Williams

Since publishing this book 6 months ago, many users have had powerful life changes and are walking closer with God. Summer Kickoff Promotion - "Walk With God Today" will be free on Amazon Kindle from 6/21-6/23/13.  A big difference with this daily devotional is that it not only provides insight and information about God and the Bible, it causes change and growth as you read it.  .Author Brian Williams is a Pastor and Board Certified Coach and he combines Christianity and spiritual growth with powerful Life and Personal coaching skills to apply key areas of spiritual growth directly into your life. 

In "Walk With God Today", you will find not only Biblical truth from God's promises, but relate-able stories, testimonies and real life situations. Added to this are addition prayers and and quotes to provide a powerful teaching.  The life changing aspects are combining these keys areas with powerful coaching questions and action plans to cause deeper thinking and soul searching and action plans to help you begin and sustain change.  If you want to start or improve you walk with God, this unique devotional, will promote this in your life when used as designed.

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