The Eighth - a novel and ebook by Eli Rose

The pianist Charlotte Scott has been blind for over a decade. In that time
she learned to cope with the loss, but when the Fallen Archangel Cassiel
returns her sight, everything changes. Restless and looking for adventure,
Charlotte finds herself inexplicably drawn to the powerful demon. Cassiel's
actions are intriguing, as is his mysterious interest in her. He is not
what she would have thought an Archangel to be, even if he's Fallen.
Despite the danger Cassiel himself posses, she pushes her way into his life
and finds herself in the middle of an angelic genocide. Cassiel is
searching for a way to end the warfare between his siblings, but as his
murderous brother's eyes fall on Charlotte as a target, the Council of
Seven seeks to use the young woman as a tool in their war. It isn't long
before Charlotte realizes that the adventure she had been looking for
wasn't all that she had hoped it would be.

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