WICK : Kindle ebook by Michael Bunker


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WICK, the apocalyptic/dystopian bestselling thriller by Michael Bunker is the story of a world going rapidly awry.  Over two-hundred stellar reviews on Amazon.com and a firm 4.4 star rating has made WICK a perennial top PAID top #20 bestseller in all of its categories on Amazon.com, but now WICK is free!  Readers have called WICK a genre-busting solid mix of Literary Fiction and High-Concept Genre Fiction.   The book was written using real life news items and events, many of which are still playing out right now, and this gives WICK a frightening sense of reality that has excited and thrilled the over 40,000 readers who have downloaded WICK in only five months.  

" … Michael Bunker draws you in with his beautiful imagery and storytelling.
I have a feeling I'll be following this author for some time!"