Corr Syl the Warrior : Kindle ebook by Garry Rogers

In my novel, Corr Syl the Warrior, one of Corr Syl's goals is to be funny.  It is a common goal in his society where humor is considered one of the highest art forms.  Something always goes wrong with Corr's jokes, however and he never achieves more than sighs, groans, and heckles.  Corr is so bad that his District Council has twice recognized him for having told the week's worst joke.

In course of events in the novel, Corr has an opportunity to try some jokes on a few members of the Danog species.  During dinner, he begins telling jokes, and has great success.  He does so well that his friend Rhya Bright wonders if Corr might decide to become a stand-up comedian in Danog nightclubs.  Corr does not become a comedian, but he does get to tell jokes to a large Danog audience and finally earns the respect he desires.

It doesn't bother Corr, at least not too much, that the Danog are considered a slow-witted species.  When they laugh so hard they cry, Corr just loves them, and can forgive them for being unsophisticated critics. 

What did the Danog find funny?  Corr's best success was with one-liners.  For example, the Demetri Martin joke:  "I think the worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades...or a game of fake heart attack."