A Brief Collection of the Absurd - kindle ebook by D.J. Bart - humor - essays - satire - short stories

"A Brief Collection of the Absurd" shines a clarifying light on the lunacy of everyday life in ways that are illuminating and audacious, offering a very different perspective on everything from life to death.
This outrageous and often irreverent book consists of twenty-three stories ranging from how to acquire humility by teasing inanimate objects, to a time in the future when all people are transformed into one of three colors – blue, orange or green.

Also contained within these nearly two dozen stories are twisted themes involving sex, religion, philosophy, other worlds and other life forms, and a couple of hilarious, but disturbing fables examining what can go awry with scientific "advances" like cloning and regeneration.

There's a medium who talks to the dead, cannibalism described in a "tasteful" way, a planet-destroying asteroid, a brief but lethal talk with "Mother" earth, a shape-shifting preacher, sociopathic hit-persons and naked people who worship clouds. Plus, a President of the United States with an uncomfortably strong attraction to a goat.

These, and the other stories are severely warped, laugh-out-loud funny, and wonderfully disorienting free-falls down the rabbit hole of D.J. Bart's unusual mind.